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Welcome on the Euronet-PBL project website. This is our first post and the site is right now under development.

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Ludger Deitmer, Bremen

This is a good start for this web site. Which hopefully gets high interest by many people. People who are interested how to improve their student and lecturer learning within and outside university campuses. This in such a way, that real life problems are encountered. This by students and others by making use of different tools and techniques. They learn about problems in an company and get develop ideas which may help to understand the problem better or even help to overcome the problems. Themes and Topics are: making professional learning in an enterprise more transparent; marketise a product or service concepts better, optimising parts of an product by re-design and innovation;….
In the last days we talked with the Norwegian Researcher, Trine Deichmann-Sörensen while visiting this project. Trine will share with us the knowledge developed around this project.