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This page provides access to other studies and reference materials that have produced or made available for the Euronet-PBL project. For the moment we have the following sub-areas:

4.1. Conference papers

Papers presented at the Euronet-PBL Round Table session at the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER’09) in Vienna, September 2009

The paper by L.Deitmer and P.Kämäräinen on the overall approach and on findings in Germany

The ppt presentation by L.Deitmer and P.Kämäräinen

The paper by B.Hofmaier on the evaluation approach and on the results of first workshops

The paper by L.B.Henriksen on critical issues on practice-based learning and on findings in Denmark

The paper presented at the ATEE annual conference in Palma de Mallorca in September 2009

The paper by R.Sannerud and I.Holmesland on practice-based learning in Norway

The paper presented at the German TVET research conference (GTW-Herbsttagung) in Bremen in October 2009

Paper by L.Deitmer, P.Kämäräinen and L.Heinemannon practice-based learning in TVET teacher education in Germany

4.2. Other reference materials

Reference material submitted by the Danish partners

Presentation of the Masters’ programme of Aalborg University with focus on problem-based learning (PBL)

Article by A.Kolmos on assessment methods in PBL

Article by A.Kolmos et al. on facilitation in PBL environment

Reference material submitted by the Irish partner

Material on Co-operative learning arrangements (University of Limerick)

The programme: Skills portfolio – SME support (University of Limerick)

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